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We can use for loop, advanced for loop or iterator for iterating over Collection.

But using iterator over other competitors gives some advantages like:

  • By using for loop you cannot update(add/remove) the Collection whereas with iterator we can easily update Collection.
Example for updating list by iterator:

public class UpdateList {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
            //create Array List
            ArrayList<String> javaRadarList = newArrayList<String>();
            //Add elements to ArrayList
            System.out.println(“Original list:” +javaRadarList);
            Iterator<String> itr = javaRadarList.iterator();
                  String token = itr.next();
                  System.out.println(“list afer modification:” +javaRadarList);
Original list:[Java, Spring, Hibernate, EJB]
list afer modification:[Spring, Hibernate, EJB]
list afer modification:[Hibernate, EJB]
list afer modification:[EJB]
list afer modification:[]
NOTE: Try to remove object from Collection using for loop and see if you can or not.

  • In situations where there is no idea of what type of Collection will be used we can use iterator to traverse over the collection as all Collection implements iterator interface.
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What is the advantage of iterating Collection using iterator?

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